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The 7 best museums in Dubrovnik from folk costumes to photojournalism

Founded by photographer Wade Goddard, War Photo Limited is an astonishing collection of photographs which takes a long and unflinching look at the human cost of war. As well as the permanent collection of images from the breakup of the former Yugoslavia, there are temporary exhibitions of images from other conflict zones across the world, including Syria, Lebanon and Ukraine. There’s also a collection of signed, limited edition prints which are available to buy. 

At turns harrowing, haunting and heartbreaking, these images are a testament both to the bitter folly of war, and to the work of some of the greatest photojournalists of the modern era, including the likes of Alexandra Boulat, Jan Grarup, Ron Haviv and Ami Vitale. Essential viewing. 

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War Photo Gallery, Dubrovnik
An imaginative showcase of some of the best war photography from around the world, picked from decades of different conflicts. The images showing Croatia's own war - including Dubrovnik - are particularly moving.

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Interview with Wade Goddard / curator and director of War Photo Limited by the Zorye Kolektiv team from Slovenia - interview took place in Zagreb on the 10th April 2010

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<p><a href="">Interview: Wade Goddard / curator and director of War Photo Limited gallery in Dubrovnik, Croatia</a> from <a href="">Zorye Kolektiv</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>