War in my Neighbourhood - Lebanon

Photographs by Patrick Baz

April 1st - 30 October 2022

War came to my neighbourhood when I was just 12 years old. My friends and I would swagger with the local militia fighters. I was too young to fight, but transfixed by the mechanical "glamour" of war. At 17 I swapped the Kalashnikov for a camera and became a photojournalist.

The Lebanese Civil War was multifaceted and complex, the parties involved included Sunni and Shia Muslims, Druzes, Christians, Palestinians, Syria and Israel. The war lasted from 1975 to 1990.


The End of Yugoslavia

A collection from photojournalists that covered the balkans


Our permanent collect of images from the break-up of the former Yugoslavia is always on display. These iconic images taken by some of the most renowned photojournalists of the time, they cover the wars in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo. Some multi-media videos also compliment this collection.


Photographs by Alexandra Boulat • Chris Morris • Claus Bjorn Larsen • Darko Bandic • Emanuel Ortiz • Jan Grarup • Jon Jones • Peter Northall • Ron Haviv • Tarik Samarah • Wade Goddard • Yannis Behrakis • Ziyah Gafic


Limited Edition Print Room

a collection of magnificent prints


our Limited Edition Print Room displays part of our larger collection of available prints from world renown photojournalists that documented past and ongoing global conflict for the worlds leading media organisations. All images have been printed on the highest quality papers using archival inks and have been signed by the photographers and come with a certificate of authenticity.

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