The Kosovo War / Wade Goddard

The war in Kosovo was instigated by the Kosovo Albanian rebel group known as the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), with the intent of creating an independent Kosovo free from Yugoslavia, for the majority Kosovo Albanians. The Yugoslavia Army retaliation was brutal, thousands were killed and more than a million exiled. With the help of NATO forces and hard-line U.S. diplomacy the Kosovars won the war and later gained independence.

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Reference: Proposal for photographic exhibition The Kosovo War

Photographs by text by Wade Goddard

Definition: from the rise of the Kosovo rebels, the guerrilla war, NATO bombing, mass explosion and the return of the Kosovo Albanian and the following retribution 

Exhibit specifications:

64 colour photographs: prints, (matt black wooden frames, no glass) 

48@Paper 73.2 x 53.7 cm (Image W=60 cm)

11@Paper 85 x 60 cm (Image H=50 cm)

5@Paper 113.2 x 80 cm (Image W=100 cm)

text panels (5 - unframed), main intro, bio & map

(panels are in English) available translations French, Italian, German, Spanish, Croatian

Space Desired: 50  linear meters 

Date and venue of previous shows: 

War Photo Limited; Dubrovnik, Croatia - 2018 

Print Sales: 4 prints from the exhibit are available as Limited Editions


Wade Goddard 

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