{"id":"6","title":"Andrew Testa","description":"Born in 1965 in London, Andrew began freelancing as a photographer in 1990 after graduating in Photography at an obscure Art College deep in the West of England. In 1994 he started working for the Observer newspaper and did so until he left England in 1999 to cover the Kosovo war. After the war he stayed on in the Balkans for both love and money and covered events there for the New York Times and Newsweek working closely with Panos Pictures in the UK. In 2001 Andrew covered the conflicts in Macedonia and Afghanistan \r\n
He is currently based in Pristina, Kosovo, where he lives with his wife and daughter.","picture":"photographers-at-portraitnw-1443535202.jpg","photos":[{"title":"Zvecan Station","title_safe":"zvecan-station34","price":"7400","image_code":"BWAT012","picture":"photos-bwat012-1443535103.jpg"},{"title":"Serb Funeral, Kosovo","title_safe":"serb-funeral-kosovo35","price":"7400","image_code":"BWAT010","picture":"photos-bwat010-1443535052.jpg"},{"title":"Watching the Serb Train, Kosovo","title_safe":"watching-the-serb-train-kosovo36","price":"7400","image_code":"BWAT003","picture":"photos-bwat003-1443534963.jpg"}]}