{"id":"35","title":"Bruce Connew","description":"Bruce Connew was born in new Zealand in 1949. He lives in Wellington and has five children. He studied photography at the Guildford School of Art, in England, of one year in the early seventies, profoundly influenced by occasional tutor, Picture Post\u2019s Thurston Hopkins, and the schools robust library. He was a photographer for the New Zealand Listener from 1982 until 1985, photographing, amongst much else, the troubles in New Caledonia late in 1984, and the following year in South Africa with writer Veron Wright. South Africa, his first book, came from this journey. For nine months in 1986, he photographed underground coalminers. He photographed in Capetown\u2019s squatter camps during the lead up to South Africa\u2019a first democratic elections. This became an exhibition, Suburbs. His work is in numerous collections, and has been exhibited widely.","picture":"photographers-bwportraitnw-1440089878.jpg","photos":[{"title":"","title_safe":"277","price":"9300","image_code":"BC02","picture":"photos-neg012-copy-1440090063.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"278","price":"9300","image_code":"BC01","picture":"photos-neg030-copy-1440090133.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"279","price":"9300","image_code":"BC03","picture":"photos-neg016-copy-1440090200.jpg"}]}