{"id":"32","title":"Ziv Koren","description":"Ziv Koren, 36. Married + 2. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel\r\n
Ziv has been a professional photojournalist for over 15 years. He began his career as a photographer in the Israeli army, later to join the editorial committee of the Yedioth Achronoth daily newspaper, as photographer and photo editor. Koren has been a photojournalist for Sygma and Gamma photo agencies, and is a staff photographer for Polaris Images since 2003. Koren's main interests are humanitarian issues that are often the subject of his documentary projects such as the Israeli-Arab conflict, poverty, the Tsunami to name a few. His photographs from various projects and assignments have been published in numerous international publications including Time Magazine, Newsweek, US News & World Report, The Sunday Times Magazine, Stern, Paris Match, Le Figaro and Wired Magazine. Koren\u2019s award-winning photographs have been included in numerous solo and group exhibitions worldwide. Koren\u2019s 1995 image of an exploded Israeli bus was selected in 2000 as one of the 200 most important images in the last 45 years by the World Press Photo organization, besides other awards such as \"Photo District News\", \"Yann Geffroy\" and \"Picture of the Year\". Koren was the subject of the documentary film \"More than 1000 words\" which was widely screened in film festivals around the globe winning seven festival's awards. Koren has contributed to many books, and regularly lectures at workshops and universities.","picture":"photographers-zk-portraitnw-1441638757.jpg","photos":[{"title":"","title_safe":"252","price":"9300","image_code":"ZK01","picture":"photos-zk01-copy-1439834726.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"253","price":"9300","image_code":"ZK09","picture":"photos-zk09-copy-1439834784.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"255","price":"9300","image_code":"ZK13","picture":"photos-zk13-copy-1439834881.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"256","price":"9300","image_code":"ZK17","picture":"photos-zk17-copy-1439834953.jpg"}]}