{"id":"23","title":"Nir Kafri","description":"Nir Kafri was born in Kfar-Hess, Israel 1973, presently a photographer for the Paris based photo agency Gamma and Staff photographer at \"Haaretz\", a daily Israeli newspaper. Since his Photography studies at \"Camera Obscura\" school of arts in Tel-Aviv in 1997, Nir was a Staff photographer at \"HAI`R\" magazine in Tel-Aviv from 1998 till 2000 and freelanced for the photographic agency Impact Visuals in New York until its closure. Based in Tel-Aviv, Nir covers the intifada on a daily basis, but his work has taken him on assignments in Albania, Jordan, Laos, Ethiopia, Turkey and Mozambique. Nir's images have been published in Time Magazine, N.Y. Times, USA Today, Focus, Tank Magazine, Middle East Report and others.\r
Photokina- Germany: UNICEF photo of the year.\r
Ei8ht magazine website: Israel Palestinian special project-Children in war.\r
Hakibutz Gallery- Tel- Aviv, Israel \u201cchildren in war \u201d. 2004 (solo)\r
Witte de With-Rotterdam, Netherlands \u201cTerritories\u201d 2004 (group)\r
Kunst-Werke - Berlin-Germany - `Territories`. 2003 (group)\r
Tel-Aviv City Council- \u201cStreet Musicians\u201d 2000 (group)\r
Fuer Volkerkund Museum -Hamburg, Germany -, \u201cPalestine: Israel 2002\/ The\r
End of the Future?\u201d (group)\r
UNICEF photo of the year award 2004","picture":"photographer-picture-23.jpg","photos":[{"title":"","title_safe":"153","price":"7400","image_code":"CINK01","picture":"photos-cink01-1566835456.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"154","price":"7400","image_code":"CINK02","picture":"photos-cink02-1566836374.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"155","price":"7400","image_code":"CINK03","picture":"photos-cink03-1566836389.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"156","price":"7400","image_code":"CINK04","picture":"photos-cink04-1566836408.jpg"}]}