{"id":"10","title":"Jan Grarup","description":"Jan Grarup\r\n
Jan Grarup, born in 1968 in Kvistgaard, Denmark.\r\n
At 15, He began to work after school as a freelance photographer for the local daily Helsing?r Dagblad. Admitted to the school of Journalism as a student of Photojournalism and as a trainee photographer at Ekstra Bladet in Copenhagen.\r\n
After graduating in 1991, he was hired on a permanent basis by Ekstra Bladet. That same year he won his first Danish Press Photographer of the Year award; He is today the only photographer to have won that award three times.\r\n
In 1993, Jan Grarup moved to Berlin to work as a freelance photographer for a number of Danish magazines and newspapers. One year later, he returned to work in Denmark.\r\n
In 2000 Jan Grarup won a first prize in the international World Press Photo competition for his coverage of the war in Kosovo. The category was `People in the news \u2013 stories`- and he claimed the same award in this year\u2019s World Press Photo for his story from Ramallah. The Ramallah story has also given him a number of awards in other Danish and international competitions including The POY International World Understanding Award.\r\n
In 2000 He joined RAPHO in Paris.\r\n
Beginning with the fall of the communist regime in Romania in 1989, Jan Grarup has covered numerous wars and conflicts around the world; he was an eyewitness to the Gulf war, the genocide in Rwanda, the siege of Sarajevo and to the Palestinian uprising against Israel in 2000 until now where his story continuous with the boys from Hebron.\r\n
1991: Picture of the year, Denmark. 1st prize - News Story of the Year.\r\n
1991: Picture of the year, Denmark. 1st. prize - Photographer of the year\r\n
1993: FUJI \u2013 News Photographer of the year\r\n
1995: Picture of the year, Denmark. 1st. prize \u2013 News Story of the year.\r\n
1995: Picture of the year, Denmark. 1st. prize \u2013 Picture of the year\r\n
1995: Picture of the year, Denmark. 1st. prize \u2013 Photographer of the year\r\n
1998: FUJI \u2013 Photographer of the year.\r\n
2000: Picture of the year, Denmark. 1st. prize \u2013 Photographer of the year\r\n
2000: Picture of the year, Denmark. 1st. prize \u2013 Picture of the year\r\n
2000: Picture of the year, Denmark. 2nd Prize \u2013 News Story of the Year\r\n
2000: FUJI \u2013 News Photographer of the Year.\r\n
2001: World press photo \u2013 1st. prize \u201c People in the news \u2013 stories \u201c\r\n
2001: UNICEF \u2013 Children photo of the Year. Jury\u2019s Special Award.\r\n
2001: Visa Pour L`Image \u2013 VISA D`Or - Finalist.\r\n
2002: World press photo \u2013 1st. prize \u201c People in the news \u2013 stories \u201c\r\n
2002: POYi \u2013 1st prize - World Understanding Award.\r\n
2002: Art Directors Club, bronze medal \u2013 Germany \u2013 best magazine story.\r\n
2002: Oscar Barnacks Award \u2013 Finalist.\r\n
2002: The Praque prizewinner award. 1st. prize \r\n
2002: Finalist, W Eugene Smith Memorial fund for Humanistic \r\n
Photography, New York.\r\n
2002: UNICEF Children photo of the year award. 1st. Prize\r\n
2003: World press photo: 2nd. Prize People in the News \u2013 Singles.\r\n
2003: Picture of the year, Denmark.\r\n
2003: Feature Story of the Year, Denmark.","picture":"photographers-jg-portraitnw-1440077740.jpg","photos":[{"title":"Returning Home","title_safe":"returning-home55","price":"16700","image_code":"BWJG001","picture":"photos-bwjg001-1443270216.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"56","price":"14800","image_code":"BWJG006","picture":"photos-bwjg006-1443270179.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"57","price":"16700","image_code":"BWJG007","picture":"photos-bwjg007-1443270123.jpg"},{"title":"Exodus","title_safe":"exodus58","price":"16700","image_code":"BWJG011","picture":"photos-bwjg011-1443269944.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"59","price":"16700","image_code":"BWJG012","picture":"photos-bwjg012-1443269903.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"60","price":"14800","image_code":"BWJG013","picture":"photos-bwjg017-1443269850.jpg"},{"title":"Liberation Day","title_safe":"liberation-day61","price":"16700","image_code":"BWJG018","picture":"photos-bwjg018-1443269727.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"62","price":"16700","image_code":"BWJG021","picture":"photos-bwjg021-1443269684.jpg"},{"title":"Home Coming","title_safe":"home-coming63","price":"16700","image_code":"BWJG026","picture":"photos-bwjg026-1443269640.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"64","price":"16700","image_code":"BWJG027","picture":"photos-bwjg027-1443269390.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"158","price":"16700","image_code":"JGBH14","picture":"photos-jgbh14-1441373382.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"157","price":"16700","image_code":"JGBH08","picture":"photos-jgbh08-1441373276.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"159","price":"16700","image_code":"JGBH17","picture":"photos-jgbh17-1441373337.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"160","price":"16700","image_code":"JGBH20","picture":"photos-jgbh20-1441373428.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"161","price":"16700","image_code":"JGBH42","picture":"photos-jgbh42-1441373464.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"162","price":"16700","image_code":"JGBR01","picture":"photos-jgbr01-1441373609.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"163","price":"16700","image_code":"JGBR10","picture":"photos-jgbr10-1441373652.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"164","price":"16700","image_code":"JGBR19","picture":"photos-jgbr19-1441373715.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"165","price":"16700","image_code":"JGBR29","picture":"photos-jgbr29-1441373787.jpg"},{"title":"","title_safe":"166","price":"16700","image_code":"JGBR38","picture":"photos-jgbr38-1441373852.jpg"}]}