Balkan Route

Following the refugees and migrants from their arrival to the Greek Islands by boat, along the Balkan Route as they make this exhausting journey in the hope of reaching western Europe to begin a new life free from war, death and economic hardship.

The migration crisis is a metaphor for our world and its inequalities. The arrival and the perpetuity of the hundreds of thousands of new migrants in Europe, unmasks the reality that in our society, the right to freedom of movement and the right to a decent life is not the same for everybody, and demonstrates how Western society, through these inequalities, seeks to preserve its privileges.

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Reference: Proposal for photographic exhibition Balkan Route; Greece to Croatia 

Photographs by text by Giulio Piscitelli 

Definition: the migrantion crisses through eastern europe from 2012 through 2015 

Exhibit specifications:

91 photographs: prints, (matt black wooden frames, no glass) 

10 color prints 115 cm x 80 cm (image size 100 x 75cm)

25 color prints 85 cm x 60 cm (image size 75 x 56cm)

56 color prints 74 cm x 54 cm (image size 60 x 45cm)

text panels (6), main intro, bio (unframed)

(panels are in English) available translations French, Italian, German, Spanish

Space Desired: 90  linear meters 

Date and venue of previous shows: 

War Photo Limited; Dubrovnik, Croatia - 2016 

Print Sales: 5 prints from the exhibit are available as Limited Editions


Wade Goddard 

cell:+385 98 367467